Operation And Maintenance Of Gearbox

The operation and maintenance of the reducer are very important in actual use, and they will directly affect the service life of the machine. The specific requirements can be referred to as follows:
1.Before putting the reducer into operation, it should make an overall and careful check to see if all installation and adjustment are finished, especially make a check to see if suitable lubrication oil and grease are filled into the reducer.
2.If forcibly circulated lubrication of the reducer is adopted, in order to ensure the lubrication oil is injected after starting, the motor of the oil pump in the oil thinning station and the motor of the reducer should be interlocked and the main motor shouldn’t be started if the motor of the oil pump is not started. When the motor of the oil pump is started, check the manometer thermometer and oil pipe system immediately to see if the oil supply is normal.
3.In case the reducer is initially started, it should make idling running for several hours. In case no abnormal conditions are found, add load upon the reducer step by step to run for a certain time until a full load is reached. Meanwhile , make continuous observation upon the reducer.
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Post time:May-10-2021

Post time: 05-10-2021
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