Research and Development of Twin-Screw Gearbox

After painstaking research by the engineering team of our group company, the SZW series of the high-precision conical twin-screw gearbox has been successfully developed. The normal input speed of this product is 1500RPM, the maximum motor power is 160KW, and the maximum single-shaft output torque is 18750N.m.
The gears are made of high-strength alloy steel with grade 6 precision of teeth after carburizing, quenching and gear grinding. The material of the box is made of high-quality ductile iron. 
SZW Conical twin-screw gearbox can be used in PVC double pipe production lines for pipe diameter from 16mm to 40mm, 16mm to 63mm. It can produce two pipes at one time to achieve higher production efficiency.

Post time:Jun-05-2021

Post time: 06-05-2021
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